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Marshmallow Live is an open video social application. Comprehensive integration, dynamic and other content elements have established an immersive and scenario -based social way. It is a popular beauty online social platform.

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About Marshmallow Live

Marshmallow Live is an open video live interactive social application. It fully integrates live streaming, dynamic content, and creates an immersive and scene-based social platform, which is a popular real-time online live dating platform.

[One-click Login] QQ, WeChat, Weibo, mobile phone number, Baidu account one-click login

[Video Live] music and dance, K song good voice, activity games, 7*24-hour wonderful live broadcast, never stops

[Massive Anchors] cute, goddess, god, high-value little sisters and brothers accompany you to have fun

[Diverse Chatting] language text, voice chat, video live, interact with the one you follow on Momo

[Popular Dynamics] keep up with the live dynamics of anchors, and get to know and care more

[Legion System] Join the legion, gather together with like-minded partners, and fight together for PK

How to recharge Marshmallow Live diamonds

  1. Enter your Marshmallow ID and choose the appropriate recharge amount.
  2. Submit the order and select your payment method to complete the payment.
  3. Once payment is made, the Coins will be automatically recharged to your Marshmallow Live account.

USD 947.970
USD 947.970

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