Now up to $1≈143 Coins with BuffGet, Only Middle East service area is supported.

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About MICO Live


MICO Live is one of the most popular worldwide social networking apps for live streaming, random chat with strangers, chances to meet your soulmate, videos & photos sharing, video live chat! Meet new friends around the world. You can also capture and share moments, follow users that you like and discover accounts globally that share the same interests!



Mico Live Coins are the virtual credits used by fans and streamers to send gifts on the platform-Mico Live. Now $1≈ 143 Coins only on BuffGet



About supported area


Only Middle East service area is supported. Non-Middle East users currently have no available payment methods, please choose MICO (Global)


Including the following countries in the table is available:




How to top up MICO Live Coins?


Refer the simple steps below:



  • Enter your Mico Live ID and select the top up amount.


  • Check out and select your payment method.


  • Once payment made, Mico Live coins will top up automatically into your Mico Live account.





How to find Mico ID?


Refer the simple steps below:



  • log into the Mico Live APP


  • Click your profile in the bottom right corner.


  • Your Mico Live ID will be displayed under your nickname.





USD 100.000
USD 100.000

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