>>> MLiveU : Infinite fun with your pals <<< Experience a new entertainment and live streaming platform which bountiful cute boys, girls, and net idols waiting to enjoy with you.

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1、About MLiveU


fast buy online MLiveU: the best live streaming application.


Experience the fresh and unique live stream and meet new friends for 24 hours.





  • Go live with one button and earn income by showing your talents!


  • Change as many languages as you want. (Supported languages.)


  • Follow your favorite streamers. Catch up every movement.


  • Guild group, Gather your close friends with the same taste. Chat with everybody.




2、How to top up MLiveU Live Coupon?



  • Enter your IDX ID and select the top up amount.


  • Check out and select your payment method.


  • Once payment made, MLiveU Coupon will credited to your MLiveU account shortly.




3、How to find MLiveU  IDX ID?



  • Enter MLiveU Live app.


  • Go to "Me" page.


  • The IDX ID will display under your nickname.





USD 704.590
USD 704.590

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