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About Redfinger

Redfinger cloud phone is a tool app, that allows you to have another mobile system in your device. The mobile phone system function as a real mobile, excepting dialing and messenger.Different from the real mobile, it’s a mobile phone in the cloud, costing no battery, space, network of the local device. That means you can run the phone in the cloud without battery, space and network limit.

In general, users can run their games (MMORPG mostly) 24/7, or play with multi accounts, or play games which is required large ram/rom with the low -spec phone, or even store some private apps/files.

Application Scenarios

Users are dedicated to playing MMORPGs; however, they often experience fatigue due to the extensive time commitment required for farming resources.

To address these concerns, Redfinger offers an innovative solution that automates the farming process for a more convenient and efficient gaming experience.

If you desire the ability to play multiple characters within a single game simultaneously, you can effortlessly manage multiple accounts and seamlessly switch between characters by leveraging Redfinger's features,

In situations where your current device lacks the necessary specifications to support the latest gaming releases, Redfinger can bridge this gap. You can enjoy a wider selection of games that may otherwise be inaccessible due to hardware limitations.

Guide on How to Use Redeem Code (WEBSITE)

1. Prior to the usage of redeem code, there is a need for you to log in with your account to access Redfinger Cloud Phone.

2. Following successful  logging  into the  Redfinger Cloud  Phone, "Redeem Code" can  be easily found in the interface, and select it. There are two options for users to choose, that is, "ADD NEW CLOUD PHONE" and "RENEW CLOUD PHONE".

3. In the "ADD NEW CLOUD PHONE" part, enter the 12 -digit redeem code to exchange. Please note: If you are a new user of Redfinger Cloud Phone, you can only choose "Add new cloud phone", and the redeem code can only be used once one time.

4. In the "RENEW CLOUD PHONE" part, you should choose the cloud phone you would like to renew, and then enter the 12 -digit redeem code to exchange as well.

Guide on How to Use Redeem Code (ANDROID)

1. Prior to the usage of redeem code, there is a need for you to log in with your account to access Redfinger Cloud Phone.

2. Following successful logging into the Redfinger Cloud Phone, "Pre -Paid Code" can be easily found in the lower right part, and select it. There are two options for users to choose, that is, "ADD CLOUD PHONE" and "RENEW CLOUD PHONE" after clicking "Pre -Paid Code".

3. In the "ADD CLOUD PHONE" part, enter the 12 -digit redeem code to exchange. Please note: If you are a new user of Redfinger Cloud Phone, you can only choose "Add cloud phone", and the redeem code can only be used once one time.

4. In the "RENEW CLOUD PHONE" part, you should choose the cloud phone you would like to renew, and then enter the 12 -digit redeem code to exchange as well.

USD 23.450
USD 23.450

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