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Use cryptocurrencies to purchase the JD card to meet your various shopping needs and explore JD.com's rich and diverse products and services.

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Questions fréquemment posées

Jingdong E card (hereinafter referred to as "E card") refers to the issued by Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd., you can purchase self -employed products on www.jd.com ("self -employed product" refers to the clear logo on the product detail page as the self -employed Commodities, but publications, virtual products, some group purchases, pre -sale, and snap -up products, investment gold and silver, treasure island, Jingdong International, JD pharmacies, third -party seller products and national policies and laws are restricted Sexual regulations are not within this) or a single -purpose prepaid card for service or service, which cannot be purchased by the goods in English. Site (enjd.com).

The validity period of the unknown card is 36 months from the date of activation and cannot be lost.

JD E -card does not count interest, unprepared, and cannot be modified. Please keep the card dense.

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